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Relax with a quality pillow. King size, double and single beds. Get the comfort and support you need from your pillow. Memory foam mattresses offer the ultime in luxurious sleep. Unique technology that moulds to your body.
Memory foam is the latest in sleep technology aimed at cushioning and supporting the body during sleep. This extra support helps relieve tension and pressure on the joints and tendons in the body, ensuring maximum relaxation and the best possible chance of a good nights sleep. No more waking up in the morning with a stiff neck or a sore back, with the extra support your mattress will shape itself to the contours of your body, providing personalised support and cushioning of your body as you sleep.


Memory foam is also sensitive to weight, what this means is that when you lay on such a high quality mattress or bed it adjusts to provide support for not only yourself, but cushioning from your partners movements during the night. If your partner tosses and turns during the night, this can be a godsend as it cushions their movements helping you to get a peace full nights sleep free of interuptions.

Memory Foam Comparison

Originally developed by NASA to improve the safety of cushions in their aircraft and space vehicles, the technology was improved upon and new products quickly found their way into the medical sector. With initial commercial uses in the cushioning on X-ray tables and wheelchairs, memory foam technology proved a success with the additional support and cushioning decreasing bed sores and improving the blood flow of long term incapacitated patients. It is still used widely in the medical industry today, albeit vastly improved upon since the initial NASA material.


To this day it has many health benefits, typically benefiting those with postural difficulties, chronic back pain and neck pain. However it can also help those of us with other types of problems such as arthritis, hip or knee replacement surgery, tension headaches to name but a few. The unique technology allows it to react to your body temperature and weight, cushioning and supporting your body and most importantly keeping your spine and neck in good alignment, this alone can provide great relief from a broad range of ailments and aches. Coupled with the luxurious comfort offered by memory foam mattresses and they prove to be perfect for those seeking the best in sleep technology.

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