Memory Foam Mattress

Relax with a quality pillow. King size, double and single beds. Memory foam mattresses offer the ultime in luxurious sleep. Unique technology that moulds to your body.
With memory foam mattresses becoming more and more popular in day to day use, such mattresses are fast becoming the norm, and offer the perfect solution to a good nights sleep with the ultimate in cushioning and support for your entire body. The unique structure of memory foam material allows your mattress to react to your bodies heat and pressure, molding itself to the contours of your body and providing support to the areas that need it and cushioning to the areas that need it most as you sleep. This offers the extra support your body needs, relieving pressure points on your body and the stress on your joint and tendons which can bring tremendous relief to those of that suffer from arthritis or the general aches and pains of old age, as well as allowing it to relax without stretching or contorting your joints.


When considering a new memory foam mattress we suggest you keep in the mind the various densities available as lower density memory foam, which is often found in cheaper products, will not provide you with all the benefits of a higher density foam. Further, we would recommend choosing a foam mattress that has at least 5cm (2 inch) of visco elastic material, with an ideal of 7cm (2.75 inch) of material which will provide you with the most comfortable support and relief of pressure on your body's joints and tendons and give you the optimal comfort and best possible nights sleep. With this added relief from your memory foam mattress you can expect to wake up refreshed and free of aches and pains normally associated with the aging process.

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Why you should use a memory foam mattress

As you may well know, waking up with a stiff or sore back is not a pleasant feeling at all and can often disrupt your whole day or more if the problem persists. Sometimes such aches can be prevented by sleeping with a better posture however even this cannot always help. I often suffered from a bad back in the mornings before i started using a memory foam mattress, well actually i started with a topper first and found great relief from that and soon upgraded to a full mattress which offers that little bit more comfort and support to my spine as i sleep. I know it may sound like i keep going on about the benefits of a visco elastic mattress but i honestly believe that fast forward 10 or so years and we will all be sleeping on such a mattress, the benefit is that good! Like you i was initially a little skeptical about just how good an improvement it could offer, finally my fiancee convinced me to try it out and i'm glad she did as if you suffer from a painful back or disrupted sleep you too will be amazed by the improvement a memory foam mattress can offer.

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