Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Relax with a quality pillow. Get the comfort and support you need from your pillow. Memory foam mattresses topper image. Unique technology that moulds to your body.
The great thing about a memory foam mattress topper is that they offer an inexpensive means to try out a memory foam product without the need to buy a full mattress or bed. Resting on top of your current mattress, such a topper gives you the added benefits of the extra support and comfort that traditional metal spring mattresses cannot offer. This is ideal if your current mattress is too soft or is too firm to provide the support your body needs in order to get a full nights rest. If you're on a budget or perhaps you remain unconvinced about the benefits of memory foam, the topper could be just what you're looking for!


Memory foam toppers come in a range of different sizes and we strongly suggest you choose the right size topper to fit with your mattress otherwise you could be doing more damage than good with your topper! A snug fit of your memory foam mattress topper will provide you with maximum support and cushioning, which is extremely important in the ability to remove stress and tension from the body's joints and is of particular importance to those of us who suffer from arthritis or other degenerative diseases and gives you the relaxation and comfort you need to ensure a good nights sleep. Just imagine being able to enjoy a restful nights sleep and waking up with little to no aches or pains in the body all thanks to the simple addition of a mattress topper, it's truly a wondrous thing.

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Is a memory foam mattress topper right for me?

Whilst you may not get the same benefit from a memory foam mattress topper that you would from a full mattress they can still be a great means of testing the water so to speak and finding out just how well they can improve the quality of your sleep. After all you may be hesitant to splash out on a full mattress, which is only natural especially in these difficult times however a visco elastic mattress topper can be the ideal introduction at a fraction of the cost of the price of a full mattress. Personally this was the step i took as i was a little uncomfortable about purchasing a full mattress without knowing if the benefits were actually real or just sales speak. I'm glad i did however as after just a few months sleeping on my memory foam mattress topper i found that i was having a much better nights rest and the stiffness in my lower back had all but gone and i soon upgraded to the full mattress.

One thing i often get asked is whether such a memory foam mattress topper will help my friends and family who have bad backs, and well, the honest answer is not always no. As i'm sure you're aware there is no magical cure for some ailments and whilst it certainly helped me, it may not provide complete relief from your own back problems. However, with that said you will certainly find that such a mattress topper will improve your nights sleep which this alone can alleviate many of the common aches and pains that you may suffer from. For me, the relief was obvious and i'm glad i took the chance!

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